Welcome to the blog page of the International Refugee Law Committee!

About the IRLC
We’re a group of lawyers, scholars, law students and others who are concerned with the fundamental human rights of refugees around the world, rights that refugees can rarely assert and are often denied. Our Committee seeks to educate members and the general public about international refugee issues; to foster critical discussion toward a greater realization of refugee rights; and to stimulate legal and policy advocacy on behalf of refugees worldwide.

One of the ways in which we seek to meet our Committee’s goals is through publications and the sharing of news. We recently started publishing the weekly Hot Topics Digest (editor: Emily Patterson), our monthly newsletter, titled “The Refuge” (editor: Andrew Solis), and on social media we’re sharing daily updates (by Shekinah Apedo).

  • The Refuge
    The Refuge is the IRLC’s monthly newsletter that will brief attorneys, students, and scholars of the trending topics in international refugee and asylum law. The mission of The Refuge is to provide a light, easy-to-read, review of trending news stories and legal developments that will keep readers up to date with refugee and asylum law developments.
  • Hot Topics Digest
    In our weekly update, the Hot Topics Digest, we gather news and other information useful for the legal community in the field of refugee law, and we highlight career opportunities.
  • Social Media
    Our Committee shares global news and/or updates on committee activities on a daily basis with committee members and others who are interested.

Contributions & Ideas
To assist, contribute, or make suggestions, please contact the publications team via irlcrefuge@gmail.com. For more detailed requirements on submitting an article for our newsletter, see the “Call for Submissions” tab under “The Refuge” in the menu above.

We’re always looking for inspiration and assistance, so please be in touch!
Co-Chairs, Kennedy Thompson and Karin Gaudet-Asmus
On behalf of the International Refugee Law Committee