Call for Submissions

What is the Refuge?
The Refuge is the IRLC’s monthly newsletter that will brief attorneys, students, and scholars of the trending topics in international refugee and asylum law. The mission of The Refuge is to provide a light, easy-to-read, review of trending news stories and legal developments that will keep readers up to date with refugee and asylum law developments.

Who can contribute?
Anyone who wishes to contribute is free to offer stories or write short compositions in accordance with the guidelines set below. We encourage members of the IRLC to contribute and share thenewsletter, but anyone interested is free to participate.

What can I contribute?
The Refuge will be made up short articles and member spotlights as well as a list of some events related to international refugee law.

  • Short Articles: Contributors can submit half- to one-page articles on an important refugee or asylum law development they wish to highlight. The submission should be more than a summary of a news article and should attempt to provide concise analytical discussion of an issue. Be sure to include a short bio about yourself!
  • Member Spotlight: This is the opportunity for contributors to highlight their work, or the work of others, and provide a short summary of theaccomplishments and importance of that work. This should not be used as a means for self-promotion, but rather to applaud and recognize work that advances the refugee cause that we all care deeply about.

Key Dates:
Submission Deadline: Cut-off is the 25th of each month.

Submission Instructions:
Submit your contribution to The Refuge editors at by the 25th of each month to have your contribution considered. Contributors may be asked to sign and return a publication agreement.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss submissions, feel free to contact the editors at

Thank you and please feel free to share!

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